Frontier Airlines Phone Number

Toll Free Number for Frontier Airlines

How to call Frontier: use the toll free numbers below to contact customer service for reservations, flight status and more. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service


  • Hello. Welcome to Frontier Airlines. Home of low fares done right.
  • Remember, it is always easier and cheaper to book on our website:
  • How can I help you?
  • For example, you can say flight status, manage reservation, baggage, book a flight, frequent flyer, website support, frequently asked questions, or feedback.
  • To hear these options again, say repeat.
  • Flight status:
    • Did you know you can view flight status and airport information on our website, or using our new Frontier mobile app?
    • Flight status: How would you like to lookup the flight information?
    • You can say flight number or departure city.
    • Flight number.
    • Please say the flight number that you would like to hear the status of?
  • Manage reservations:
    • OK, manage reservation
    • Now which option would you like?
    • You can say change or cancel reservation,
    • Add a seat,
    • Other updates,
    • Recap or email itinerary
    • Baggage or lost items,
    • Or refunds
    • You can also say repeat or main menu
  • Baggage:
    • Did you know the lowest bag prices are available on our website Just vist the Manage Travel page.
    • Which would you like?
    • You can say add a bag to your reservation,
    • Lost and found item,
    • Or an issue with your bag
  • Book a flight:
    • OK book a flight
    • Please note that there is a charge of 10 dollars for booking over the phone
    • To continue booing over the phone just hold the line
    • OK, I can help you find the lowest the fares and then connect you with frontier representative to comeplete the booking process
    • Are you flying one way, round trip,or multi city?


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