Jackson Hewitt Phone Number

Toll Free Number for Jackson Hewitt

How to call Jackson Hewitt: use the toll free number below to contact a real customer service agent. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service:1-800-234-1040

  • Thank you for calling Jackson Hewitt Tax Service where we ensure 100% accuracy and the biggest refund guaranteed and with over 6300 locations including nearly 3,000 Walmarts, you’re never far from your Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro.
  • To continue this call in English, please stay on the line [foreign language].
  • To speak directly to someone in the closest Jackson Hewitt Office, press or say 1,
  • to check the status of your refund, press or say 2,
  • to learn how you can get $50 instantly just for letting us file your taxes, press or say 3,
  • to learn how you can get a $200 advance on your tax refund today, press or say 4,
  • to learn how the latest changes in the healthcare laws can impact your tax refund press or say 5,
  • to be connected to a customer service representative, press or say 9.
    • Please hold as connect your call to the next available customer service representative.

source: www.jacksonhewitt.com/Contact-Us/

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