Lufthansa Phone Number

Toll Free Number for Lufthansa

How to call Lufthansa: use the toll free numbers below to contact customer service for questions about reservations, flight status, bookings etc. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Lufthansa Reservations


  • Thank you for calling Lufthansa
  • to ensure a high standard of customer service your call maybe recorded or monitored.
  • Save $20 today by booking your flights online at where lower fares maybe available.
  • For Lufthansa’s flight arrival and departure information please press 1,
  • to make a new booking or for general fare inquiries pleased press 2,
  • for changes or questions with regards to an existing booking please press 3,
  • if you are a travel agent please press 4,
  • if you are a miles and more blue card holder and would like to make a miles and more reservations or have miles and more information please press 5,
  • if you are a miles and more frequent traveler with a silver card please press 6,
  • if you are a miles and more senator member with a gold card please press 7.
    • Please press 1 for JFK New York flight arrival and departure information,
    • please press 2 for Washington,
    • please press 3 for Boston,
    • please press 4 for Chicago,
    • please press 5 for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle,
    • please press 6 for Atlanta and Charlotte,
    • please press 7 for Miami and Orlando,
    • please press 8 for Philadelphia,
    • please press 9 for Detroit,
    • please press the pound key for Dallas amd for Houston International and Denver airports; thank you.

Lufthansa Technical Support Hotline


  • Thank you for calling Lufthansa; please note that your call maybe monitored or recorded for quality purposes.
  • To help us direct your call please select from the following options.
  • For technical support on website please press 1,
  • for the online checking please press 2,
  • to make changes to your existing reservations please have your confirmation ready and press 3,
  • to make changes to your existing reservations please have your confirmation ready and press 4.

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