Sirius XM Phone Number

Toll Free Number for Sirius XM

How to call Sirius XM: speak to a real customer service agent by calling the toll free number below. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Sirius XM Customer Service


  • Thanks for calling SiriusXM. Your call maybe monitored and recorded for quality assurance.
  • I see you’re calling from a number that matches a SiriusXM account. Should we use this to look up your information?
    • No.
      • OK. Please tell me the phone number on your account including the area code. If you’re a new customer and don’t have an account, just say, new customer.
      • New customer.
      • OK. Which would you like to do?
      • Sign up for service, receive an activation signal or get help with your radio?
      • Sign up for service.
      • Sure. Hold on while I transfer you to listener care.
      • Thank you for calling SiriusXM. This is XXXXX (real person)
    • Yes.
      • OK. I found your account. Which would you like? Billing, refresh signal, transfer service to a new car, cancel or change service, account management or help with radio?
      • Billing.
      • All right, Billing, you currently have a credit of XXXXX, would you like to hear your balance again, get your billing history, make a payment, update your credit card or redeem a gift card?


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