Boost Mobile Phone Number

Toll Free Number for Boost Mobile

How to call Boost Mobile: use the toll free number below to contact customer service for tech support, bill pay or help with your phone. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Boost Customer Care

1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848)

  • Welcome to Boost Mobile
  • please enter your 10-Digit Boost mobile phone number beginning with the area code, if you do not have a Boost phone number press *.
  • To activate a new phone or device with Boost Mobile, press 1.
  • For pricing and promotions, 2.
  • For store locations, 3.
  • To do something else, 4.
    • To manage a Boost account, press 1.
    • To add money to a Boost account, 2.
    • To hear frequently asked questions, 3.
      • For information on Boost Mobile price plans, press 1.
      • Data speed reductions, payments and managing your account, 2.
      • International services, 3.
      • International minute pack, add-ons, mobile broadband, device insurance, hotspot, Boost TV app and fuboTV, 4.
      • For how to setup your voicemail or reset your voicemail password, 5.
      • To repeat this menu, 7.
      • To return to the previous menu, 9.
      • To return to the main menu, press star.
    • To repeat this menu, 7.
    • To return to the previous menu, press 9.
  • To repeat this menu, 7.

Boost Mobile Returns


  • Thank you for calling Nextel Boost Customer Service at Brightpoint. Please remain on the line and the next available representative will be with you momentarily
  • to check the status of your order please press 1
  • for returns press 2
  • for all other questions please press 3.

Return Authorization Number



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