C Spire Phone Number

800 Number for C Spire

How to call C Spire: use the toll free number below to contact customer service for tech support and help with account questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

C Spire Wireless Customer Service

855-277-4735 (1-855-CSPIRE5)

  • Welcome to C Spire, customer inspired. If you are calling about your fiber to the home services such as HDTV, Home Internet or Home Phone, simply say Home Services and it will take you to the right place. Whats the mobile number you’re calling about today? You can also say, “I’m a new customer” or “I’m calling about Home Services.”
  • I’m a new customer.
  • Great. Thanks for calling. How can I help you today? You can say “new service” or “perk points”, or say “it’s something else.”
  • New service.
  • Great. Let me get you to C Spire crew number. Thank you for inquiring about new services with us. To protect you from identity theft, we will thoroughly screen the information you will provide. Please be patient as we act for, and analyze this information. Your call may be recorded for quality assurance and verification purposes. Please hold while I transfer your call to the next available sales representative.
  • Thanks for choosing C Spire. This is XXXXXX. How can I help you today? (real person)

Other Numbers

Fiber to the Home Support: 1-855-438-1009 (1-855-GET100X)
24 hrs

Sales:855-277-4734 (1-855-CSPIRE4)
Monday – Friday 8AM to 8PM; Saturday 9AM to 5PM.


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