U.S. Cellular Phone Number

Toll Free Number for U.S. Cellular

How to call U.S. Cellular: use the toll free number below to contact customer service for help with your account. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service

hours: 6AM to 11PM Central Time

  • Thank you for calling US Cellular.
  • Sorry I did not find your number in our records; please say activate new service, new customer, or current account. You may also say associate or repeat.
  • Activate new service.
    • Please hold while I transfer you. Thank you for calling US cellular, to continue in Spanish press 2, your call maybe recorded and monitored for business purposes. [Phone ringing]
    • Thank you for calling US cellular…(real person)


1-866-872-4249 (1-866-USC-4BIZ)

OnLookâ„¢ Digital System Customers

Call 1-888-558-1878

h3>Order By Phone

1-888-289-8722 (1-888-BUY-USCC)


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